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Vigeo Health & Fitness

Vigeo is a professional personal training studio that helps you get fitter, stronger and healthier, with a focus on long-term, sustainable change to your health and fitness.

Vigeo is a Latin word with the dual meaning of "Active and Strong" and to "Flourish and Thrive", and their mission is to transform lives through health and fitness.

+65 9841 3406 | admin@vigeo.sg | www.vigeo.sg

Mrs Kueh

Mrs Kueh is a champion of heritage food in Singapore.

Practicing what Nenek taught over and over again is how they seek perfection in artisanal kueh making.
Their kuehs are made from the best ingredients, thoughtfully sourced, as they continue to discover new artisans and new seasons.

+65 6909 6393 | www.mrskueh.com

Flying Fish

Swim Coach: Mr Desmond Ho

+65 9059 2555