Mooncakes for Needy Elderly

Sep 2023


It was an early Friday morning on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Our kitchen team led by the Head Chef, hand made hundreds of salted egg snowskin mooncakes and packed these delicate and delectable treats carefully into dessert boxes finished with a litle blue bow.


The delivery team made up of our staff volunteers from Housekeeping, Maintenance, F&B, Front Office and Sales departments, were eager to bless our elderly beneficiaries and went door to door to over 200 households, distributing food and mooncakes.


“The elderlies were very surprised to see us turning up with mooncakes and wishing them a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. It brought us so much joy to see a big smile on their faces,” said Mr Kelvin Tay, Executive Assistant Manager.


Our staff members went the extra mile to keep their spirits lifted and check-in on the well-being of each elderly before moving on to the next delivery. These connections not only engaged the elderly socially but also fostered a sense of community and forged new friendships.  


“It was a very interesting experience. I would really like to do it again. It reminded me that we should be grateful for each day and we should spend more time getting to know them,” said Ms Sherly, Sales Manager.


YWCA’s Meals-on-Wheels programme is more than just sustenance, it provides hope, optimism, and a sense of belonging to those who might feel isolated by their circumstances.


It is even more heart-warming to know that so many of us in the community are willing to give back to those in need and bring joy to the old folks when you ordered mooncakes from Café Lodge this year.


Thank you once again to all our customers for supporting this initiative, we couldn’t have done it without you.