Collaboration with Award-Winning Local Chef Ratha

Running a restaurant is not an easy feat. With increasing food prices, high operating costs and thinner profit margins, many F&B outlets struggle to stay afloat.

When COVID-19 hit the fragile F&B scene, it also took with it many well-loved restaurants which could not mitigate the financial impact of such a strong force working against them. Many restaurants had to shut their doors during this pandemic after decades of operations. These excellent chefs and small restaurant owners now find themselves leaving behind their source of livelihood and a throng of loyal customers who dearly miss their food.

YWCA Fort Canning would like to support this community with our in-house Café Lodge in a brand new food collaboration – CAFÉ LODGE GUEST CHEF SERIES

These talented local chefs will have the opportunity to serve their signature dishes at our Café Lodge to customers who have been waiting to taste their food again for far too long.

Award-winning Chef Ratha, formerly from The Black Sheep Café, will kick-start this series with his classic French-inspired food. Chef Ratha has extensive culinary experience and was featured in multiple magazines and newspapers.

“I’m excited to work with YWCA Fort Canning and can’t wait to see all my customers again at Café Lodge,” said Chef Ratha.

Prior to opening the Black Sheep Café in 2006, Chef Ratha began as one of the chefs at Raffles Hotel’s famed re-opening in 1991, contributing to a “Silver Medal” by Food & Hotel Asia. He was also awarded the prestigious “Runner Up Young Chef of the Year” presented by Chaine de Rottisier, as well as “Outstanding Performance by An Individual” by Raffles Hotel.

After being the Head Chef at The Swiss Club Singapore, he took over from famed Michelin starred UK chef, Jeremy Hollingsworth at The Fig Leaf, Fort Canning. It was there that he received a raving press review by Today newspaper declaring that his Pandan Soufflé should be Singapore’s national dessert!

He recalled that when he opened The Black Sheep Café in 2006, it was “just an extension of my love for cooking.”

“I have been blessed with some great customers who have gone out of their way to try and keep my cooking alive, which was the main reason that kept me going,” said Chef Ratha.

With the closure of his restaurant in October 2021, he has been spending valuable time with his family, which turned out to be one of the most treasured experiences that came out of the pandemic.

Chef Ratha is now ready to cook again and bring his acclaimed dishes to the table at Café Lodge. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to enjoy his Duck Confit, Baked Brie and Chocolate Cake, and join us in supporting our very own local talent.

With your support, we hope that we can contribute and give back to the F&B community. It is our hope and prayer that the local F&B scene will survive and thrive again, that the worst is over and the best is yet to come.



Saturday Dinner, 6.30pm

Sunday Lunch, 11.30am

18 March 2022 to 15 May 2022

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To make a reservation, please call Café Lodge (open 7am to 10pm daily).

Tel: 6335 8008/8009


All our net proceeds also go towards funding YWCA’s community service programmes. Your support will make a real difference to the lives of all our beneficiaries.